The Government College for Women, Nawakadal, situated on the Southern bank of river Jehlum is the only institution of Higher Education for Women ideally located in Shehr- e -Khas (Down Town area of Srinagar city). The institution is dedicated to excellence in the field of higher learninig &commited to the cause of empowerment of women through the instrument of the education. It was established in 1961 with Arts and Science subjects and a Teaching faculty of 19 members with just 50 students. Presently it is the only Women Institution in Kashmir Valley offering Commerce & management Courses.


The college has a historical background of its own. Adjacent to MahrajGanj, the then capital of Badshahs regime and historical Trade Centre of Shehr-e-Khas, The college campus was primarily women hospital (Zanana Hospital) founded by Maharaja Pratap Singh in 1890. Later the hospital was converted to a High School. In 1952 Jenab Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah, the then Prime Minister of Jammu & Kashmir ordered for its elevation to a College for Women. The College started functioning in 1961 during the Prime Ministership of Jenab Bakhshi Gulam Mohammad under the stewardship of Prof. Sakina Hassan the First Principal of the institution.


Since its establishment the College gradually achieved multidisciplinary character and at present the college offers various undergraduate courses in Arts, Science, Commerce, Social Science along with Professional and vocational courses. Existing courses are restructured from time to time to make them relevant side by side with the introduction of new courses.


Since its e inception the college has passed through many stages crossed a number of milestones has survived through many odds yet holds a premier position. The college has produced a number of position holders and has won good number of prizes in curricular as well as in co-curricular activities. The institution makes all efforts to ensure the participation of female students in these activities at State, Regional and National level.


In order to equip students with latest Technical know-how, the college has well equipped Computer Centre, Computer Labs , IT Centre ,Internet facility & well established EDUSAT Lab. To be effective and more proficient in their fields the college deputes Teaching & Non Teaching Staff for Research, Orientation, Refresher Courses and Workshops.