Course Outcomes

Department Of Physics
It is not an exaggeration that Physics is needed in every sector of life.Physics is playing central role in the development of other branches of sacineces.Physics has given lot to the society and has made life comfortable.My message is that don't be Physics illiterate.
      Dr Mukhtiyar Ahmad Malik (HOD)
Department of Commerce
The Department of Commerce has been providing Education in the field of Commerce and Management Studies to the female students. The College has the distinction of being the pioneer institute of Commerce for female candidates and has done a commendable job in this regard.
      Prof.(Dr.) Mohammad Ashraf Malla(HOD)
Department Of Botany
Department of Botany with qualified and experienced faculty strives to impart quality in the field of Plant Sciences to the undergraduate students. The department has developed a Botanical garden, herbarium and museum to facilitate practical knowledge on the subject. Botanical tours, seminars, workshops, extension lectures and environmental awareness programmes are regular of the students.
      Prof. Yasmeen Bashir
Department Of Chemistry
Chemistry is an exciting experimental science which lets us to understand our world and makes our life easier. Chemistry is in our everyday life, in our body, at home, in the nature and in every second of our lives. Most people wakeup to an alarm or radio. These common house hold items contain batteries, which make them very chemically dependent. Things like house hold cleaners and water purification systems are vitally dependent on chemistry.
      Prof. Rukhsana Jabeen
Department Of Zoology
Zoology is the branch of biological science which deals with the study of Animal life. It covers areas ranging from the structure of organisms to the sub cellular unit of life.
      Prof. Rubia Rashid
Department Of English
English being a compulsory component of the College curriculum occupies pivotal importance. The main aim of imparting English course is not merely to prepare the students for their University Examination, but to develop in them effective communicative skills in order to keep them abreast with fast growing cosmopolitan culture.
      Dr. Rumania Ashraf
Department Of Education
Exalt oneself to the level of perfection strengthen the potential, build up the capacities, take the lead and be an effective, creative, influencing and contributing member of society. Knowledge is power, so empower yourself by unlocking the doors of knowledge with the key i.e Education
      Prof. Nadia Zahoor
Department Of Statistics
The Science of Statistics which was regarded as the Science of state craft in the ancient past and might had organised as by product of the administrative activity of the state. It is rather impossible even to think of any field of knowledge viz Social, Natural, Physical science, business, agriculture etc. which does not apply it for their advancement and wider applicability for human beings.
      Prof. Mushtaq Ahmad Wani
Department Of Economics
The Science of Economics occupies an important position in the world of knowledge .The knowledge of Economics is being utilised for the promotion of growth with development. The subject is concerned with the study of human behaviour in the allocation of scarce means among competing ends to attain the maximum social welfare. The students are advised to learn the subject to serve the human society.
      Dr. Sabeena Ahad
Department Of Arabic
Holy Quran is written in Arabic and almost all Islamic Literature is in Arabic language. Millions of Muslims both Arabs and non Arabs study this language. Arabic is an international language, it is one of the 5 (five) official languages in U.N.O.
      Prof. Iffat Mufti
Department Of Travel And Tourism Management
Travel and Tourism Management is a vocational subject with emphasis on providing knowledge and entrepreneurship skills required for entry into gainful employment. The subject is job oriented and the college prepares the students for self employment.
      Dr. Rafiq Ahmad
Department Of Music
It gives me immense pleasure to invite more and more students to learn Indian Classical Music, as music revitalizes a person and it is creative development of student. My good wishes and success to the students of the college.
      Prof. Asmat Ara
Department Of Persian
Persian is an International Language.It was an official language of Kashmir for about 500 years. There is a lot of literature in it,such as literary books,moral books,advice books, travelogue
Department of Physical Education
Physical Education and Games are an integral part of the total education process sports and games deal with the fitness of human body and mind. It inculcates various social qualities like co-operation, self confidence, team spirit, leadership, tolerance, group cohesion patience and harmony.
      Ms. Sakeena Bashir
Department of Urdu
Department of Urdu
      Dr. Gulshan Akhter
Department Of Computer Applications
We at the Department of Computer Applications impart strong foundation in computer Application and problem solving techniques. We believe that learning is a continuous process and does not end with the acquisition of a degree
      Prof. Audil Hussain
Department of Management Studies
Department of BBA was introduced in the year 2002 with the objective of taking the scenario of the corporate world into the classroom settings. The main aim of the course is to develop the human resource as per requirement of the corporate world in the contemporary times.
      Dr. Shabana Ali
Department of Home Science
This is a prestigious three-year degree course in Home Science. The students are exposed to all the five areas of Home Science through theoretical as well as practical training. Field visits and community work which are a part of this programme. The students are provided with opportunities for academic excellence and cultural enrichment to enable them to build a multi-faceted personality to face the challenges that lie ahead. Located in sylvan surroundings in the heart of the city, the spacious
      Prof Dr. Yasmeen Khan (H.O.D)
Department of History
Department of History
      Prof. Amjad
Department of Environmental Science
Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary Science that integrates Physical, Biological and Information Sciences to the study of the environment, and the solution of environmental problems. It provides students with the opportunity to learn about the dynamic relationship between society and the environment, increase student’s awareness of their environmental footprint, and address environmental issues using a multidisciplinary approach.
      Prof. Rumisa Nazir
The subject of Biochemistry helps to understand actual chemical concept s of biology. It forms the basis of virtually all biological sciences. It has contributed to our understanding of life, solving of medical problems better clinical diagnosis, manufacture of various biological products, treatment of disease.
      Dr. Nighat Parveen
Department of Geography
      Dr. Mukhtiyar
Department of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
      Dr. Farooq Ahmad Sheikh
Department of Biotechnology
Biotechnology exploits plants, model prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms to develop or modify biological products for specific purpose. It exploits many molecular (CRISPR-Cas9 driven Gene Editing Technology developed by Jenifer Doudna, and Emmanuelle Charpentier, who won the Noble prize in Chemistry, 2020), biochemical techniques to genetically engineer plants and organisms for the purpose of developing useful products like insulin (hormone synthesized by β-cells of the Pancreas).
      Prof. Yasmeen Bashir
Department of Political Science
Department of Political Science
      Prof. Hafizullah
Department of Clinical Biochemistry
Clinical Biochemistry (also known as clinical chemistry, chemical pathology, and Medical Biochemistry) is the area of chemistry that deals with the biochemical, genetic, immunological, and molecular biology analysis of body fluids and other biological samples to assist in diagnosis and prognosis of human diseases.
      Dr. Arif Bashir